The first EMV transaction at the fuel pump has successfully taken place with a gas station located in Burlington, NC having the bragging rights. For the petroleum industry, this is very exciting news! EMV has been supported for inside store transactions for over a year but the pumps have lagged behind. The high cost of changing fuel dispensers and the technology behind it contributing to the slower turn over. Deadlines for making the change have been extended to October 2020.

Gilbarco Passport Point-Of-Sale-System

Although there are many fuel dispensers and POS devices on the market today the Gilbarco Passport is one of the most popular for gas stations and truck stops. In fact, the first EMV transactions took place using the Passport, through Encore fuel dispensers, processed by First Data.  In store EMV transactions have been supported by Passport since May of 2016 and if you are using it now software upgrades can be enabled for full EMV transactions for all major card types at the dispenser. We’re excited to see this new technology take hold and the pace at which business owners across the country are picking it up is quickening. 

What if a gas station doesn’t have a Gilbarco Passport?

If a gas station doesn’t have a Gilbarco Passport, they would need to check with their software provider for information about when EMV at the pumps would be available.  We can tell you that VeriFone Commander, another popular POS system, is expected to be one of the next to be releasing software updates. They currently can handle EMV transactions for inside store sales but we have not heard of a successful EMV transaction at the pump. We will continue to monitor progress and remain on the forefront of any changes.

Are You Processing Through Trendar?

It’s not uncommon to see a Trendar system or the Comdata SmartDesq at a truck stop. The SmartDesq is EMV ready for inside store sales but we are waiting on updates for EMV at the diesel pumps. If, however, you are processing through a Trendar, you will need to upgrade your system. Give us a call and we’d be happy to consult with you about it.

Are You Ready To Make The Switch?

Planning ahead can help to make your transition smoother! If you have any questions regarding accepting EMV payments or Gilbarco Passport inside your store or at the pumps, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!