election year trends

Election Year Oil and Gas Trends That Might Surprise You

February 8, 2024

“If I’m the president or if I ruled the world and gas prices were going down heading into the election, I would 100% take credit for it — despite not having anything to do with it,” Denton Cinquegrana, Oil Price Information Services (OPIS) Chief Oil Analyst, told in November 2022. […]

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ffs cash discounting

Why Cash Discounting Is Critical Right Now

January 8, 2024

“So, what is cash discounting? Cash discounting helps businesses cover merchant service fees, which are the cost of processing credit card payments. The key is that you advertise a price that factors in the [processing fee percentage] and then you deduct that amount at the register for customers paying in cash,” […]

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regulations for electric vehicles

Three Government Regulations for Electric Vehicles

December 5, 2023

Reuters reported that global automakers are going to spend $515 billion on electric vehicles and battery technology and manufacturing between 2026 and 2031. Since this summer, the American auto industry and battery makers jumped on board, deciding to commit more than $120 billion to U.S.-based electric vehicle and battery design, manufacturing, […]

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Why Visa and Mastercard Got Sued, What Happened, and How It Impacts You

Why Visa and Mastercard Got Sued, What Happened, and How It Impacts You

November 9, 2023

Interchange fees. The bain of nearly every merchant’s existence. It’s no secret Visa and Mastercard set interchange fees, which typically range between 1 and 3 percent of the purchase price. However, what’s not widely known is the two credit card companies conspired to allegedly suppress competition in this space. Even after […]

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Fiscal Systems

New Partnership with Fiscal Systems

September 5, 2023

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Fiscal Systems. Point of sale systems are a make-or-break efficiency-boosting tool for truck stops and convenience store franchises. As the technology for point of sale systems has become more disruptive, software companies have added more features to benefit truck stops and convenience store […]

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how to spot fraud in gas stations

How to Spot Fraud in Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

August 1, 2023

Gas stations lose billions of dollars annually to fraud, causing businesses with an already tight margin to risk earning a profit. As a company that supports gas station and convenience store franchises, we’ve seen firsthand the types of fraud that can expose our clients to debilitating financial loss. To prevent your […]

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vehicle grid integration

What to Expect from Electric Grid Integration

July 6, 2023

Imagine you are getting ready to drive from your business in Pennsylvania to meet a client in Boston, a 400-mile drive. You charge up your electric vehicle and, in one charge, use approximately four times the amount of electricity the average American home does in a single day. Now, let’s envision […]

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EV Batteries

Three Challenges with Electric Vehicle Batteries You Might Not Know About (Yet)

June 5, 2023

In its Electric Vehicle Market Forecast 2023, Investing News reports that globally there are more than 27 million electric vehicles on the road. Analysts expect that number to surpass 40 million by the end of the year. As the popularity of electric cars grows, so does curiosity, misinformation, and skepticism about […]

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck three emerging alternative fuels to watch

Three Emerging Alternative Fuels to Watch

March 10, 2023

Energy markets are fast-changing. A new technology or fuel source can disrupt and even upend the industry. To keep our clients ahead of the times, the team at Financial Fuel Services has prepared a cheat sheet for emerging alternative fuels and outlined what each type of fuel and what fuel stop […]

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Long Term Oil and Gas Prices oil prices forecast

Long-Term Oil Prices Forecast

January 9, 2023

This summer, oil prices remained over $100 a barrel, here are our oil prices forecast for the upcoming future. High gas prices affected tourism and drove headlines about how the government should intervene. As we near the end of 2022 and the start of 2023, prices have thankfully leveled with increased […]

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EMV at the Pump with Verifone what is a chargeback

What is a Chargeback and How to Avoid Them with EMV Compliance

December 5, 2022

The Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) payment standard has had all the drama of an opera: an abrupt and sudden announcement that disrupted businesses, a difficult consumer adoption, a deadline that got pushed and pushed but arguably not pushed enough. We’re way past the April 2021 deadline, however, the drama continues. […]

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mental health tips for truckers

The Three Most Important Mental Health Tips for Truck Drivers

November 7, 2022

Increased supply chain pressures. Driver shortages. Record oil prices. The pandemic recovery has put truck drivers at the center of never-before-seen problems. Truck driver’s continued commitment to their vocation is fundamentally what keeps our supply chain working. With this added pressure though, there’s an industry-wide push to focus on truck drivers’ […]

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