Simplifying the on-going chip card transition

Can you accept chip cards today? The answer to that question depends on the POS system you are using. Let’s break down the most widely used devices for C-stores and Truck Stops, take a look at their progress, what you need to be doing, and how we can help you accept chip cards if you aren’t already.


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Why all the fuss about adopting EMV?


Because “dipping” EMV cards shifts the liability for fraudulent card activity away from you and over to the bank that issued the card!

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Gilbarco Passport – On the forefront

Gilbarco was the first equipment manufacturer to release EMV software with their version 11 in mid-2016. Developed to work with their Passport POS system it provides greater security, convenience, reduced fraud liability, and enables you to ‘dip’ EMV cards. Your local petroleum equipment vendor (PEV) will download this software onto your Passport system. Additionally, you will need to purchase an Ingenico ISC 250 pinpad, a compact payment powerhouse that comes with many new options.

Schedules are filling up fast with the overwhelming amount of upgrades so we recommend contacting them as soon as possible.

Verifone Commander and Ruby CI – Still in beta

VeriFone is currently beta-testing their EMV software upgrade for their Commander POS and are reporting it should be ready to roll out by the end of the first quarter of this year. Keep in mind that the only VeriFone POS systems capable of processing EMV cards are the Commander and the Ruby CI. If you are processing via a Ruby or Ruby Sapphire you will need to upgrade. The good news is that the deadline for EMV acceptance at the pump has been pushed back to October of 2020 allowing you more time to navigate your way through that side of things.

We recommend beginning the process as soon as possible. The benefits trump the wait!

Comdata Smartdesq

Comdata has released their EMV software upgrade for their SmartDesq POS system as of late 2016.  This is great news for truck stop owners and operators who use this system but the implementation has been less than smooth in getting these locations “dipping” the chip cards.  There are very specific actions that need to be taken on the processing platform in order to convert a Smartdesq POS system to EMV capability. Remember, it is VERY important to “dip” the EMV cards so the liability for fraudulent card activity shifts from the merchant to the bank that issued the credit card. 

At FFS, we are very familiar with the implementation process and can help your site with the EMV conversion.

Don’t sweat it!

Making sure you are properly prepared to accept EMV chip cards inside your stores should be at the forefront of your business moving forward.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can become EMV compliant – please give us a call today.  We are here to help guide independent fuel marketers and oil companies through these ever changing times in the world of credit card processing.