Potential Customers Heading Down the Highway?

Common practice has always been for a truck stop to ONLY accept the Over the Road or OTR cards such as Comdata, EFS, TCH, T-Chek, and Multi Service at the Diesel Island. It’s a well-oiled business model with a proven track record so why change? The old ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ adage may, in this instance, be costing your business. Our fast paced digital world is constantly evolving and trending now across the country…truck stops are beginning to accept Visa and MasterCard at their Diesel Islands. Are you being passed by because of this?

What’s driving this trend?

Simply put, it’s rewarding. Visa/MC offer hefty bonuses for using their cards and more fleets are turning towards it for those advantages. Truck stop owners are beginning to recognize this, making the switch to accept Visa/MC, and driving the trend. They recognize too that not all OTR truck drivers and Owner/Operators carry fleet cards. These are valuable customers that you may be losing. Consider how many diesel engine vehicles are being manufactured today and how this increase in production creates a greater demand for diesel fuel. Are your pumps seeing this increase in demand?

Maximize your potential.

As a business owner in the petroleum industry, the goal should be to accept EVERY type of card possible at EVERY fueling location on your property.  With the technology available today attaining that goal has never been easier. Manufacturers such as Comdata provide affordable solutions allowing the acceptance of every card on the market, excluding major oil branded credit cards, through one POS system.  If you currently do not have a POS system capable of accepting OTR fleet cards, contact us today!

Maximize your savings.

Everyone wants to save a buck!  Why not save it at your diesel island too?  Do you realize you have a choice of where you process your Visa/MC diesel transactions?  You can process them at your pump (through your Trendar) on the unbranded network, or (through your Commander or Passport) on your branded network.  Why not process that transaction through FFS on the unbranded network and realize substantial savings?  If you are already processing on an unbranded network, let the FFS team analyze your statement to make sure you are realizing the lowest rates in the industry.

The FFS Advantage.

If you are planning on installing new pumps or changing your configuration at your diesel island in the near future, contact us.  We will show you how easy it is to get set up to accept every type of credit card on the market including Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Fleet One, Fuelman, Comdata, EFS, TCH, T-Chek, Multi-Service, CFN, and Pac Pride—-ALL THROUGH ONE POS SYSTEM!  At FFS, we believe in building business with our customers. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help streamline the process and maximize profits by allowing you to keep more money from each transaction.