Helping Truck Stops Stay Competitive, Compliant and Profitable

We offer the LOWEST RATES in the industry.

Switching to FFS will save you a minimum of 10-15% off your current credit card fees.

Equipment consolidation to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex and OTR fleet cards.

No long term contracts.

No cancellation fees.

Financing available for POS and dispenser upgrades.

Our customers gain their OWN personal relationship manager for all service issues… not a call center!

We have relationships with many petroleum equipment vendors, and work directly with Comdata and are certified with Trendar.

We consult our customers on industry trends such as EMV & PCI compliance.

Offer $$ for referrals.


We understand truck stops. We get it that your diesel counters are cluttered with multiple terminals for different fleet cards (along with a few coke cans). We understand that you are paying exorbitant monthly rental fees to help you clutter those counters.

We offer a solution that eliminates ALL of your stand alone terminals and will have the ability to accept ALL credit cards. And keep your counters clean.

Whether your truck stop processes through Retailix, Fiscal, Comdata or stand alone terminals, Financial Fuel Services can help you save money by providing fast, secure and cost effective payment processing. Whether you process at the pump, or inside the store, FFS is here to help.

Most truck stops utilize two separate POS systems… one for the retail island and one for the diesel island.  At FFS, we consult your business on the most effective way to utilize ONE POS system for both the retail and diesel islands.  This not only saves your business thousands of dollars in maintenance fees, but it also provides for EMV compliance.


Then STOP and CONTACT FFS NOW! We have the right solution for you!


Then STOP and CONTACT FFS NOW! We have the right solution for you!

Is your truck stop still using a Trendar System?

*unbranded truck stops and branded truck stops with unbranded diesel islands qualify for this promotion

If you are still using a Trendar system and have not yet upgraded to a Smart Authorize or a Smart Desq, then you are in danger of not being able to accept credit cards for up to 4 weeks.

Can your business afford to be down for 4 weeks?

Contact FFS and we will consult your business on the steps needed to upgrade. We also provide processing solutions for all aspects of your truck stop, including restaurants and specialty shops. Financing available for upgrades.

OTR Fleet Cards

At Financial Fuel Services we recognize that the process of getting set up to accept OTR Fleet Cards seems overwhelming. We have a dedicated team with the experience and expertise to get your location(s) up and running on the major OTR Fleet cards including Fiscal, Comdata, T-Chek, EFS, Fleet One OTR, TCH and Multiservice OTR.

Conversion Made Effortless – Let’s keep you up and running.

We understand that every minute your station is down is costing your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Let our dedicated team keep you in business during the conversion.

Guaranteed seamless transition from your old processor to FFS.

Dedicated team members assisting you every step of the way.

Rely on our experience to assure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed.

Are you EMV and PCI Credit Card Compliant?

Financial Fuel Services can help you navigate the complex regulations and timelines surrounding EMV and PCI credit card compliance.

At FFS, we will walk you through the necessary steps in order to attain compliance, and in the process, save your company HUNDREDS of dollars in non-compliance fees.

Most importantly, we will ensure that your business is protected if a security breach should occur.

Take the Stress out of De-Branding

We will walk you through the different steps needed to de-brand from your major oil supplier. If you would like, we can even help you get set up with new vendors including oil suppliers, petroleum equipment vendors and sign companies. Then, we will set you up on your new credit card processing platform called Buypass, powered by First Data, the largest and most reliable fuel processing network in the country.

Easy On-line Reporting - Watching Your Bottom Line

Wherever you are, information is at your fingertips. We have two different web-based reporting options, both allowing you greater flexibility and effectiveness in managing your business.

iAccess ®

  • Business Intelligence: Powerful reporting gives you insights to make data-driven decisions.
    Self-Service Support: Submit support tickets, access FAQs, and make account changes.
    Resources: From business tips to equipment guides, iAccess was designed to keep you informed.


by cardconnect

  • Accept payments
  • Manage transactions
  • Billing plans
  • Build receipts
  • Create Customers
  • Receive notifications
  • Create reports
  • Real time management allows you to void, capture and refund – even from a mobile device