Point-of-sale (POS) systems are not created equal. Each company that designs and manufactures them has its strengths; each prototype has its benefits. With our clients, we carefully spend time unpacking which POS system works for their business. Here is a comprehensive look at the products we recommend, the locations they work best for, and why we love them.

Which POS System to Get for Convenient Stores with No Gas

Convenience store customers want to run in, grab something, and leave within a few minutes. We always recommend efficiency and user experience as the top priorities for a convenience store’s POS system. However, in recent years, there’s been an intensifying focus on customer data. These two systems give convenience store businesses the best of both worlds.

Valor PayTech

Valor PayTech currently has 8 omnichannel POS options, four of which (VL100, VL300, VP100, and VP300) are designed for countertop sales. The VL100 and the VP300, enable cash discounting, contactless payment, text and digital receipts, and customer loyalty benefits through via text message and email.


Clover offers a handheld card reader, Go, and a touchscreen with a card reader, the Station Solo. They’re typically sold in a combination package known as the Clover Station Duo, letting both customers pay and convenience store employees process payments simultaneously on independent touchscreens.

Which POS Systems Benefit Convenient Stores with Pay at the Pump (PAP)

Convenience stores with PAP need POS systems that smoothly move customers in and out of their locations without any payment hiccups.

Verifone Commander

The Verifone Commander EF can work with any POS system. It processes payments at a higher speed than any other payment solution, ideal for gas station customers. Verifone Commander supports customer loyalty programs, most credit cards, and mobile payments.

Gilbarco Passport

The intuitive Gilbarco Passport touchscreen cuts down on the time it takes to train employees, which the company argues can be learned in 20 minutes or less. The POS system backs up daily, integrates with security cameras, and offers self-checkout, including takeout orders.

Which POS Systems Are Best for Truck Stops

Truck stop owners have complex needs, including partnering with different oil companies, fleet card purveyors, and food vendors. The best POS solutions for truck stops are versatile, giving franchisees a one-size-fits-all system that allows them to scale.

Fiscal Petroverse 365

The Fiscal Petroverse 365 allows truck stop owners to operate a single customizable POS system for all of its offerings (gas, convenience store, retail services, fleet card, and credit card payments). This streamlined approach allows franchisees to make adjustments–from pricing to products to payroll–across all of their locations.

Comdata Smart Desq

The Comdata Smart Desq has been the commercial-focused industry standard POS system for truck stops with convenience stores and diesel pumps, accepting most OTR fleet cards (and even offering their own).

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