Your obsolete Trendar machine is crammed on your counter next to your registers and a beef jerky display.  Your drivers wait for what seems like forever to get their OTR cards approved.  You’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars to rent these terminals per month to be so inefficient.

You’ve had it. You need a system upgrade–immediately.

Before You Start the Upgrade, You Have Questions About How It Will Go.

Here’s the thing. You aren’t sure which new system you need to get. You don’t know how long it’s going to take to install. You don’t know what you’ll lose in sales and operational efficiency. 

At Financial Fuel Services, we consult truck stop owners before, during, and after their transition from stand-alone terminals to a new Comdata Smart Solutions processing system. Read on to learn what you should expect from this Trendar upgrade.

Comdata SmartDesq Solution
  1. First and foremost, this is the best decision you can make for your business. Upgrading from your current set up will help you streamline how you process payments. It will clear up your counter space, increase efficiencies and process the OTR cards and credit cards at the same portal.  And to boot, your OTR processing rates will be reduced.
  1. There are three Comdata Trendar processing systems to choose from: SmartDesq, SmartAuth and Smartsite.  Your truck stop has unique needs and, therefore, unique requirements for a payment processing system.
    1. SmartDesq handles processing for your truck stop’s retail location and diesel island. It allows your truck stops to process payments from credit cards and from OTR fleet cards. It also provides end-of-shift reporting, pay-at-pump capability, and pump control.
    2. SmartAuth is for non PAP Diesel Islands.  It is a less expensive option and allows merchants to accept OTR fleet cards from their customers efficiently and cost effectively.
    3. SmartSite, which comes in Fx, Gx, Px, and Hx versions, is an ideal processing system for an unattended fuel site. Like SmartDesq and SmartAuth, it accepts all forms of payment, including OTR fleet cards. They’re also weather-resistant, EMV-compliant outdoor payment process centers. They enable payments in remote locations while preventing fraud.
  1. The Trendar upgrade to a Smart Solution product will take at least a month.  After purchasing the new equipment, Comdata will place you on an installation schedule. You’ll be trained on how to manage the system, run reports, and troubleshoot issues that may occur.  But don’t worry, you’ll be able to continue to use your rented terminals until the new system is fully installed.
  1. Worrying about how much the new system might cost?  Not only will your monthly terminal rental fees disappear, but the best part is your OTR processing fees will decrease!  That savings, coupled with increased sales by accepting Visa and Mastercard, will ultimately help offset the price of the new system.
  1. What if your truck stops are unbranded? Can you still find savings? The short answer is yes. Ask the team at Financial Fuel Services to confidentially review your processing statements. We’ll determine where we can save money in your system’s processing and potentially offset the price of the new system. 

Your Trendar upgrade doesn’t need to be full of  headaches and face palms. Before you start your transition to a new processing system, review this list of what to expect from your upgrade. Contact FFS.  We’re experts in navigating all of Comdata’s processing systems, including SmartDesq, Smartsite, and SmartAuth.

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