We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Fiscal Systems.

Point of sale systems are a make-or-break efficiency-boosting tool for truck stops and convenience store franchises. As the technology for point of sale systems has become more disruptive, software companies have added more features to benefit truck stops and convenience store franchises: customer data collection, inventory management, sales report generation, fleet tracking, and 24/7 unattended fuel stations. At Financial Fuel Services, it’s our goal to keep our clients ahead of the curve when it comes to point of sale technology, giving them the ability to operate more effectively.

Why We’re Partnering with Fiscal Systems

To increase our customers’ access to cutting-edge features, Financial Fuel Services is adding a new point of sale system, Fiscal, to our recommended POS Vendor list.

Our partnership with the Alabama-based software company will streamline how sales are made at our existing client locations, including user-friendly touchscreens on pump dispensers and convenience store checkouts and a drag-and-drop web interface for fleet card processing.

The convenience of the Fiscal Systems platform is geared toward decreasing the amount of time franchisees need to dedicate to training their employees on the point of sale system; it’s also designed to be easy for franchisee management to use on the backend.

The biggest benefit we’ve found in the Fiscal Systems platform is the unified commerce software Petroverse. It’s currently not uncommon for many of our clients to piece together multiple systems, creating bugs and glitches and increasing the potential for system conflicts. That’s something we are aiming to change.

Fiscal Systems’ software keeps multiple functions under one umbrella, which has customer service support by phone, email, and fax 24 hours a day seven days a week.

We’re Helping Clients Scale and Improve Operations with Fiscal Systems

Scalability is a challenge for every truck stop and convenience store franchisee. The difficult push to reach EMV compliance, the pandemic downturn in passenger vehicle traffic, the skyrocketing need for trucking goods across the country, and the slow-but-
steady adoption of electric vehicles-there are many, many considerations truck stop franchisees are weighing in today’s economy. Convenience stores are similarly facing challenges because their market share is being impacted by pickup and takeout options and consumer attraction to healthier food.

The Fiscal Systems platform allows for simple upgrades to outdoor payment terminals and dispenser control and scanning. The platform has extensive customization abilities.

Franchisees can easily change fuel and product pricing, manage pre-authorizations for fleet cards, and securely retain employee information for a more integrated payroll process.

We’re Happy to Discuss Our Transition to Fiscal Systems

To learn more about Fiscal Systems and what to expect from their platform, schedule a consultation with the team at Financial Fuel Services. We’re happy to walk you through why our company has decided to partner with Fiscal Systems.