According to Business Insider, trucker’s move more than 70% of America’s freight. That’s more than 10 billion tons annually. How does that compute for the everyday American? Everything we buy in stores, everything in our homes came off a truck at some point in its product life cycle. 

The trucking industry contributes greatly to the economy. Under normal economic conditions, the trucking industry employs approximately 6% of US workers. 

In many ways, truckers are the most essential workers in the country. That colossal workforce is responsible for reupping grocery store supplies, transporting medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and distributing fuel throughout the country.

Here’s why we appreciate truckers and you should, too.

Image credit: KLLM Trucking

They Maintain the Global Supply Chain

The global supply chain is a tapestry of interconnected networks, starting with the sourcing of raw materials, moving to manufacturing, and then transporting the finished products for distribution and sales.  

Truckers handle that transportation throughout the entire United States. Without their ability to navigate road closures, sustain long days and evenings at the wheel, and arrive at their final destination, products don’t make it to market. There would be no clothing, school supplies, building materials, even automobile parts–if there wasn’t a trucker to bring those items to a warehouse.

They Deliver Medical Supplies and Equipment to First Responders

Right now, there’s relentless pressure to bring much-needed medical supplies to hospitals, clinics, law enforcement agencies, and fire departments. Truckers are single-handedly responsible for delivering PPE, medication, oxygen, and other critical emergency supplies to the first responders who need them. 

Locations in the heart of the pandemic rely on these shipments as do their citizens. Truckers’ good work is directly helping people in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and other majorly impacted areas to stay safe.

They Make Sure Food Makes It Onto Supermarket Shelves

Most supermarkets can’t keep their shelves stocked for more than three days. That means, when consumers started panic buying in March, truckers came to the rescue (and continue) to restock grocery stores. 

As life in quarantine extends into the summer, their role is fundamentally important to helping Americans put food on the table. 

They Keep Gas Stations, Diesel Fuel Islands, and Truck Stops Open

When the pandemic hit, some states closed down truck stops. Truckers pushed back, demanding not only access to fuel but overnight parking. As things stay restricted, truckers are keeping gas stations, diesel fuel islands, and relatively customer-less truck stops financially afloat. This role will only grow more important as these businesses struggle through times with limited travelers.

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