Managing Partner

Sheryl, an Upper St. Clair native, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 1993. After working nine years in the telecom industry she joined Randy’s newly formed company in 2002 called "Dynamic Payment Services" and worked in both the sales and day-to-day operations of the business.

In 2006, Randy and Sheryl sold Dynamic Payment Services and launched “Financial Fuel Services”, a company solely focused in the petroleum industry.

As Financial Fuel Services continued to grow, Randy began to head sales while Sheryl took on more of the operations side of the business. Today, Sheryl handles the technology, finances, marketing and everyday tasks that help keep the business profitable.

When she’s not helping clients meet their financial and business goals, she’s doing what she loves most, spending time with family whenever they are home. During her downtime, you can find her on the nearest hiking trail, walking her dogs, playing golf or pickleball, or enjoying a nice
glass of Chardonnay.