Offer comprehensive dealer merchant services program for ALL company owned stores and ALL dealer locations including WEB Based reporting.

Strengthen the relationship with your dealers by providing them lower processing rates.

Reduce your liability by keeping dealer credit card transaction volume in-house.

Assigned a Personal Relationship Manager from FFS to handle service issues on ALL locations.

Demystify the unbranding process for locations moving away from major oil brands.

Work closely with PEVs in all aspects of POS management and conversion.

Are you accepting fleet cards?

At Financial Fuel Services we recognize that the process of getting set up to accept OTR Fleet Cards seems overwhelming. We have a dedicated team with the experience and expertise to get your location(s) up and running on the major OTR Fleet cards including Comdata, T-Chek, EFS, Fleet One OTR, TCH and Multiservice OTR.

Conversion Made Effortless – Let’s keep you up and running.

We understand that every minute your station is down is costing your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Let our dedicated team keep you in business during the conversion.

Guaranteed seamless transition from your old processor to FFS.

Dedicated team members assisting you every step of the way.

Rely on our experience to assure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed.


At FFS, we offer a comprehensive credit card processing program for not only your company owned stores, but we will extend our low pricing to all of your dealer locations as well with our dealer merchant services. We will set each of your dealers up on the same program your company owned stores are on.

We will give you the ability to have all of the credit card sales from your dealer locations deposited directly into your bank account. This will give you control of their credit card sales which you can then use as collateral for their fuel purchases.

We provide your accounting team with web based access to daily detailed credit card processing reports so volume can be tracked.

However, if you would rather have the sales deposited to the dealer’s bank account, we can accommodate that as well. We would still give the dealer the benefit of the lower pricing through your affiliation.

Easy On-line Reporting - Watching Your Bottom Line

Wherever you are, information is at your fingertips. We have two different web-based reporting options, both allowing you greater flexibility and effectiveness in managing your business.

iAccess ®

  • Business Intelligence: Powerful reporting gives you insights to make data-driven decisions.
    Self-Service Support: Submit support tickets, access FAQs, and make account changes.
    Resources: From business tips to equipment guides, iAccess was designed to keep you informed.


by cardconnect

  • Accept payments
  • Manage transactions
  • Billing plans
  • Build receipts
  • Create Customers
  • Receive notifications
  • Create reports
  • Real time management allows you to void, capture and refund – even from a mobile device

Are you EMV and PCI Credit Card Compliant?

Financial Fuel Services can help you navigate the complex regulations and timelines surrounding EMV and PCI credit card compliance.

At FFS, we will walk you through the necessary steps in order to attain compliance, and in the process, save your company HUNDREDS of dollars in non-compliance fees.

Most importantly, we will ensure that your business is protected if a security breach should occur.

Take the Stress out of De-Branding

We will walk you through the different steps needed to de-brand from your major oil supplier. If you would like, we can even help you get set up with new vendors including oil suppliers, petroleum equipment vendors and sign companies. Then, we will set you up on your new credit card processing platform called Buypass, powered by First Data, the largest and most reliable fuel processing network in the country.


Lowest Interchange Rates on Home Heating Oil

Credit card payments today play a vital role in most Home Heating Oil or Propane sales. Whether they are accepted over the phone, through a website, or on a recurring billing platform, credit card acceptance is vital for the success of the business.

However, there are a lot of complexities involved to making sure your Merchant account, specifically those “Card Not Present” transactions, achieve the lowest rates for all card brands. Proper classification of your merchant account is vital to ensuring the LOWEST NET EFFECTIVE RATE.

At Financial Fuel Services we process payments for over 700 energy retailers across the country. We understand the intricacies of the industry and guide our customers so that they achieve the lowest rates possible to accept credit cards. Most of our clients achieve net effective rates around 1 percent.

We work with most Petroleum Software Companies for integrated processing. We understand how to configure your website or shopping cart for on line ordering. We will guide you on how to implement recurring billing. We make sure you are funded the very next day. We make your life easier.

Make the call or fax us your statement and start putting your hard-earned money back in your pocket. We guarantee it!