Todd Thompson

Vice President of Sales

Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson is the Vice President of Sales at Financial Fuel Services. He focuses on bringing in new merchant accounts and ensures top-level customer satisfaction. Todd is always quick to lend a helping hand – if you have called in to our office, there is a good chance you have spoken to him!

Todd started his career managing a large call center for a telemarketing company for four years after graduating from The Ohio State University.  In July of 2014, he moved from Akron, OH to Pittsburgh, PA to join the FFS Team!

Outside of work, Todd likes to stay active by working out or playing sports. He has recently found a new obsession in Disc Golf. If you have never heard of Disc Golf and want to talk to Todd for at least an hour, ask him about it! He is always up for some friendly competition – just name the time and place!

You can reach Todd on 724-746-9860 ext. 112, or on his email of [email protected].