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2017 FFS Trade Show Schedule

By FFS | Feb 20, 2017

We are excited to announce the FFS trade show schedule for 2017! Please take a look, and if you are planning on attending any of the shows, please make sure to stop by our booth to say, “Hi!” We’d be happy to provide you with further education about processing in the retail petroleum world or […]

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Dipping a chip card

Get Ready to Dip!

By FFS | Jan 30, 2017

Simplifying the on-going chip card transition Can you accept chip cards today? The answer to that question depends on the POS system you are using. Let’s break down the most widely used devices for C-stores and Truck Stops, take a look at their progress, what you need to be doing, and how we can help. […]

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Credit card with a chip

Is it time to upgrade to EMV?

By FFS | Nov 16, 2016

Time Flies It has been full year since the EMV liability shift has taken place. While quite a few retail merchants across industries have upgraded equipment to accept chip cards, the petroleum industry is lagging behind with a 12 month cushion before the deadline at the pumps. Between costs for replacing hardware and software upgrades […]

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Diesel Here

Are you losing business?

By FFS | Nov 4, 2016

Does your truck stop accept the major Over-the-Road (OTR) fleet cards such as Comdata, T-Chek, EFS, Fleet One or TCH? The advantages of these cards far outweigh the associated costs giving you an increased ROI by driving more business to your establishment. An estimated 50% of all fuel purchases in the United States come from […]

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Semi heading to truck stop

Fuel For Clover

By FFS | Apr 28, 2016

*** UPDATE June 29, 2022 *** Financial Fuel Services does not currently recommend using Clover Station or other Clover products to authorize and process payments at the pump.  If you are looking for a POS solution for your business, or an alternative solution from what you currently use, please contact us and we’d be happy […]

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Visa/MasterCard Class Action Lawsuit

By FFS | Jul 14, 2015

On December 13, 2013, after years of litigation, the court system approved a Class Settlement among merchants, Visa, MasterCard and other Defendants in a class-action lawsuit. Visa, MasterCard and some large banks have agreed to pay nearly $7 billion to an estimated 8 million merchants who have accepted any Visa- and/or MasterCard-Branded cards in the […]

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EMV Chip Technology

By FFS | Apr 7, 2015

MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover have all announced their plans to move forward with EMV-based payments and acceptance.  In fact, most Americans who have received a new card in 2014 should have both EMV and magnetic swipe capabilities.  The conversion is currently happening but will take a few years for many merchants to fully […]

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Signature Debit vs. PIN Debit

By FFS | Oct 1, 2014

There are two different forms of debit cards: Signature Debit (offline) and PIN Debit (online). Debit cards are linked to the customer’s bank account and generally hold both capabilities of being signature and PIN based. Whether you choose “credit” or “debit” at the POS will determine whether it is an online or offline transaction. Signature […]

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Opt Blue American Express Program

By FFS | Aug 26, 2014

Most merchants that accept American Express today have separate statements, settlements, contracts, and acceptance fees from their primary processor. American Express has also historically charged a higher transaction fee to their merchants than Visa or MasterCard.  For these reasons, many merchants have opted to not accept American Express at all at their business, losing out […]

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