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Choosing the right oil supplier.

How to Choose the Right Oil Supplier

By FFS | Sep 18, 2019

Choosing the right oil supplier for your gas station can have a big impact on your success and profitability. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you negotiate this process. You just bought a new gas station in a prime location. It sees regular traffic and promises a high volume of purchases. […]

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Trendar Upgrade to Comdata SmartDesq Solution

Trendar Upgrade

By FFS | Aug 26, 2019

Your obsolete Trendar machine is crammed on your counter next to your registers and a beef jerky display.  Your drivers wait for what seems like forever to get their OTR cards approved.  You’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars to rent these terminals per month to be so inefficient. You’ve had it. You need a system […]

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Alternative Fuel Trends in Trucking

What’s Happening with Alternative Fuel Trends and Trucking

By FFS | Jul 16, 2019

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center, medium trucks, heavy trucks, and buses consume 23 percent the nation’s domestic fuel supply.  The same source reports that medium trucks, heavy trucks, and buses use 48.09 billion gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) per year. Nearly 5 billion GGEs of that are gasoline; a little […]

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PCI Compliance at the Pump

PCI Compliance – Fight Fraud at the Pump

By FFS | Jul 9, 2019

PCI Compliance is a helps to fight fraud at the pump by requiring the fuel station owners maintain payment security throughout the transaction. Credit card fraud is big business, and gas stations and truck stops are common targets. Of course, credit card companies and law enforcement fight back against the criminals. But the criminals have […]

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Interchange Processing Fees

Interchange Credit Card Processing Fees – Everything Fuel Stations Need to Know

By FFS | Jun 25, 2019

A trucker pulls up to your stop. He swipes his credit card or OTR fleet card. Your truck stop’s bank pulls the money from the driver’s account and deposits it into your business account. In between pulling the money and depositing it, your business gets charged a small fee, a percentage of the transaction.  That […]

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EMV Deadline at the Pump

EMV Deadline at the Pump

By FFS | Jun 18, 2019

The EMV deadline at the pump is October 2020. Fuel station operators have till then to comply with the EMV standard for paying at the pump or assume the liability for payment card fraud that happens at their facility. Late EMV Deadline for Fuel Stations Leaves Consumers Vulnerable Before big travel holidays like the Fourth […]

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Diesel fuel gage

How Smaller Truck Stops Stay Competitive

By FFS | May 28, 2019

Smaller truck stops stay competitive through smart marketing and leveraging service and convenience. As the owner of a small truck stop, you probably don’t have expansive marketing budgets, public relations contacts, or tens of thousands of Instagram followers. You have to make tough choices, like whether or not to add shower and laundry facilities and […]

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Benefits of OTR Fleet Cards

Why Over the Road (OTR) Fleet Cards Benefit Fleets and Truck Stops

By FFS | May 21, 2019

Benefits of OTR Fleet Cards: Win-Win for Truck Stops and Fleets The benefits of OTR fleet cards extend to both the fleet and truck stop owners. By allowing tracking of purchases, activity and expenses, both gain valuable data into the behavior of the truck drivers. Leveraging this data can mean more profitability for everyone and […]

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american truck driver in front of his truck

5 Truck Stop Trends You Need to Know

By FFS | May 13, 2019

Truck stop trends that ensure you stay on top with better service, features and convenience. With thousands of truck stops and travel centers in the United States, competition for drivers’ business is fierce. As a driver pulls off the interstate, they often have a choice of turning left or right to go to competing fuel […]

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